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This tag must be completed annually and can be inserted in the plastic sleeve attached to the Fire Alarm Control Panel door with the self-drilling screw (included), or with a tag wire to the door lock.  The tag should be kept current and marked by the fire alarm technician at the time of any scheduled inspection. (OFC 901.6.3: NFPA 72, 2016 7.6.6) The tag should be punched, with the hole punch provided, to indicate whether the system is required to be tested Annually, Semi-annually, or Quarterly (See NFPA 72, 2016 Chapter 14).  Also, if the inspection is performed during the first quarter, then QTR 1 should be punched, second quarter, then QTR 2 should be punched, etc.  In so doing, it is easy for a fire department inspector to see that the site’s fire alarm system is under contract with a qualified and licensed fire alarm contractor and is being properly tested and inspected according to the schedule in the Ohio Fire Code (OFC 907.20).  After each inspection check the YES/NO box indicating if the system passed your inspection.  All copies of inspection reports are to be kept on site with the building owner, and a copy provided to the fire department when requested.  An optional Fire Alarm Document cabinet (NFPA 72, 1016, 7.7.2) is the best location for storing these reports, service tickets, as-builts, and instruction/owner’s manuals.



This adhesive-backed tag should be completed once at the time of the initial fire alarm installation and adhered to the inside of the fire alarm control panel door.  This tag can also be applied to existing Fire alarm or combination Fire/Burg control panels.






These tags shall be used to indicate that a required fire alarm system, or portion thereof, is out of service (OFC 901.7.2). This is a serious life safety condition.  It is suggested that this adhesive-backed tag be placed on the front of the fire alarm control panel door.  But other locations are suggested in OFC 901.7.3 and this location is ultimately decided by the AHJ.  The fire department must be notified immediately once this tag is posted.



These adhesive-backed tags are to be used to indicate that a fire alarm system is out of compliance or in need of service.  These could be used to notify the owner at the time of a scheduled inspection, if any impairment was found which could not be repaired or was not authorized for repair.  (Per NFPA 72, 2016 10.20)  Indicate if the FD was notified or not.




These adhesive-backed tags are used to indicate that a fire alarm system that was out of service or was impaired has now been repaired and is in working order.  This tag should be placed to cover over the red Out of Service Tag or the yellow Impairment Tag.


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