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           Practice software for Ohio's                 Commercial Fire Alarm Installer's Exam

If you are preparing to take Ohio's Commercial Fire Alarm License exam this is just what you need.  Our software provides challenging questions, from Ohio's 2017 Fire Code, Ohio's 2017 Building Code, and the 2016 edition of The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.  This software is specifically designed to help you prepare for Ohio's installer's license exam by taking a practice test based on the codes and standards used by Ohio for their PSI exam.  Ohio no longer gives proctored exams in Columbus/Reynoldsburg.  As of July 2018 all exams are given at PSI computerized exam centers that specialize in providing secure testing facilities for licensing and certifications.  Click HERE to learn how to purchase and download your software.


Our software programs are available to assist you in studying for your national Fire Alarm Certification or Licensing exams, or simply to improve your general fire alarm knowledge. 

Get the F.A.C.T.S.! Purchase your Fire Alarm Code Test Software so you can begin to study today for your NICET, IMSA, NTS, fire alarm certification, low voltage apprenticeship exam, electrical exam, or state fire licensing exam. Start studying minutes from now, using the F.A.C.T.S.©

Be prepared for your next computer based Fire Alarm exam.  Our software provides challenging questions, on varying levels, over several subject areas, to help you prepare for any fire exam.

For many, the easiest way to begin to train for any Fire Alarm certification or licensing exam is to break down studying for an entire exam, into smaller pieces.  Most technicians don't know where to begin to study; this software program helps guide them through the process. One advantage of using our software is the ability to work at home, alone, without the pressure of sitting in a group with other technicians.   For those who like to work at their own pace, this software provides an ideal experience. 

NOTE:  If you are preparing to take a NICET fire alarm exam, then you will be taking the CBT exam at a Pearson Vue test facility.  Our F.A.C.T.S. Fire Alarm Code Test Software is designed to provide the same look and 'feel' of a Pearson Vue test! The new CBT NICET Exam is Pass/Fail.  Therefore, doing poorly in several specific subject areas will cause you to fail the test and the entire test will have to be re-taken.   Each Level Certification you are trying for will be a separate exam with a separate fee.  Buying and using our F.A.C.T.S. practice exam software may actually save you money!

Sample a short 5 question FACTS© quiz HERE.

Learn more about Pearson Vue  HERE.

If you want to purchase your own practice test software, with more questions, to use (off-line) at any time, for as long as you want, without needing an Internet connection, and starting at only $14,  then CLICK HERE.

Our software doesn't merely tell you if you answered correctly, it provides a quiz review where you learn the correct source code/reference material for every question.  

Go to the Order Page and use your credit card or PayPal, download, and just click to install the F.A.C.T.S.  It is quick and simple.

Our quizzes were created by an experienced, professional instructor, who holds a teaching degree from Kent State University.    "Imitation is a form of flattery", but no one has come close to providing a quality training product such as ours that consistently earns us our "excellent" reputation.  We have sold prior editions of this software since 1999.

Diminish test anxiety by practicing with a virtual duplication of the actual test experience.  You will feel more reassured and confident walking into a test center after you have studied using exam software nearly identical to that used at the Pearson Vue test centers!

Studying by taking practice tests scientifically proven to be the best method for retention of information!


Level I

Level II

Levels I and II

Level III

Levels I, II, and III

Safety Quiz

Individual Level I 25-Q Quizzes @ $15 each.


Circuits & Pathways I (BUY)

Field Installations I (BUY)

Testing & Inspecting I (BUY)

Individual Level II 40-Q. Quizzes @ $23 each.


Calculations & Computations II (BUY)

Circuits & Pathways II (BUY)

Codes & Standards II (BUY)

Equipment Selection II (BUY)

Field Installations II (BUY)

Fire Alarm Documentation II (BUY)

Submittal & Plan Prep II (BUY)

Testing & Inspecting II (BUY)


Individual Level III 20-Q Quizzes @ $14 each.


Calculations & Computations III (BUY)

Circuits & Pathways III (BUY)

Codes & Standards III (BUY)

Contracts III (BUY)

Equipment Selection III (BUY)

Field Installations III (BUY)

Fire Alarm Documentation III (BUY)

Project Management III (BUY)

Submittal & Plan Prep III (BUY)

Testing & Inspecting III (BUY)


15 Questions about Work Site Safety $20.  [BUY]


FAST FACTS Level I – all three Level I quizzes $35. (Save $10)    [BUY]

FAST FACTS Level II – All Level II quizzes $150. (Save $34)   [BUY]

FAST FACTS I and II – All Level I and all Level II quizzes. $185. [BUY]

FAST FACTS Level III – All Level III quizzes $110.  (Save $30)  [BUY]

FAST FACTS I, II, and III. (All Quizzes for all three Levels $295.)  [BUY]


During the checkout process, you will be prompted to ADD the Safety Quiz for $10.

($45 total, saves $20)  

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to ADD the Safety Quiz for $10. ($160 total, $44) 

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to ADD the Safety Quiz for $5. ($190 total) 

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to ADD the Safety Quiz for $10. ($120 total, saves $40) 

Automatically INCLUDES Safety Quiz at No Charge.

(Also saves $99.00)



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DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS for the original Levels I and II and Level III software:  Choose "Save program to your hard drive".   I suggest placing it in your "C:\My Documents/Downloads" folder or on your "Desktop" when you are asked where you want to "save to".  After it has finished downloading, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.  Next, the program will open automatically.   To run the program, click on the icon placed on your monitor's 'Desktop'.   Later, if you wish to purchase the software, you may do so by following the DEMO instructions and choose "Buy Now".  

User License:  Both the Level I-II and Level III programs are designed to be installed on a single PC.

bulletIf you wish to use it at work and at home, purchase two licenses or install it on a laptop.
bulletThe software will  not run on a network server or on multiple computers.
bullet A simple step-by-step guide is shown for installation on a PC that doesn't have Internet access during the installation and activation process.
bulletYou are purchasing a single-user license but the software may be run as many times as desired, and may be cleared of answers to begin again, but still on only one PC.

System requirement/Compatibility:  This software has been tested on Windows 8, 7, and XP.  However, approximately 3% of the owners of the win95 and win98 operating systems have been required to download the latest (and free) upgrade for their web browser.  Some have had to update their Windows operating system by clicking on "Windows Update" in their "Settings" folder. ("start", "settings", Windows update").  This installs the latest security patches and other updates so their PC can use the latest software programs. 

If you have any support questions, you may first want to check out: http://www.firealarm.org/support.html before e-mailing us.  It may be quicker and usually resolves any installation issues that might arise.

After installation, some Windows users may have to ‘right click’ on the desktop icon (or "Apps" screen of their quiz program) or right-click on the program’s name in your Start/ menu and select “Run as Administrator”.  This is easy to do, doesn’t happen all the time, and complete details are posted on our support page and on Microsoft’s website. 

The "Setup<quiz name>.exe" is the installation file and NOT the quiz program. 


PLEASE NOTE:  I travel North America teaching fire alarm classes.  If you have a question that was not addressed here, please leave a message on the answering machine, and please be patient.  I will call you back ASAP.   Even on weekends.   Keep in mind that researching this site and e-mail may be quicker.   All our contact information is provided during the purchase process.


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